5 Way Lever arm connector Wago Pack 10

5 Way Lever arm connector Wago Pack 10


5 way lever arm quick connector

Pack 10

SKU: CWC3003P-1
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5 Way Lever Connectors

Pack of 10


5 way lever connectors are commonly used by electricians for joining power cables together. They ensure a quick, easy and safe installation every time. The connectors accept solid & stranded core wires and can be installed without needing any crimping / specialist tools.

To use, simply push in the stripped cable into the connector and close the lever to secure the cable in place. Each block is reusable, simply release the lever and remove the cables from the connector in order to use the block again as many times as you need.

Technical Specification:

Colour – grey / orange
Cable core / conductor size – 0.08mm² – 4mm² (if your cable is 4mm², please ensure it is a fine stranded cable as larger strands may struggle to fit).
Wire Size – 12AWG – 28AWG
Voltage rating – 400V max
Side entry wiring type

Dimensions per block (W x H x D) – 26.6mm x 14.5mm x 20.5mm

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