CR3032 Battery Duracell Pack of 2

CR3032 Battery Duracell Pack of 2


Battery Size: CR2032
Units per box/card: 2
Voltage: 3V
Dimensions MM: 120x85x5
Material: Lithium
Item Codes: BR2032 / L2032 / DL2032 / EA2032C / ECR2032 / L14 / LF1-2V / SB-T15 / 2032
Weight KG: 0.012

SKU: CR2032
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This small, lightweight lithium battery comes in a coin shape and has a long shelf life. The Duracell CR2032 battery can be used in 3D TV shutter glasses, calculators and electronic watches and wide range of other devices. Duracell is a brand, typically recognised for manufacturing products that give a high quality and long lasting performance.

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